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The Connecticut Self-Help Network was organized in 1981 as a volunteer collaboration among mental health/health service providers and self-helpers. The primary goal of the Network is to promote and coordinate self-help activities across the State.  Present funding includes a grant from the Department of Social Services, contributions from the private sector, directory sales, and fees from membership and service. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent provided by law.

Network Services

  • Assist in the formation and development of groups.
  • Provide group facilitators' training.
  • Provide educational kits for self-helpers.
  • Publish and update the Directory of the Connecticut Self-Help Network.
  • Print and distribute the Connecticut Self-Help Network newsletter, Connections.
  • Provide technical and consultative support to self-helpers or professionals.
  • Sponsor educational meetings, workshops, conferences, retreats, and fairs as needed to promote and sustain the self-help movement in Connecticut.
  • Develop a resource library of self-help literature and materials.
  • Provide self-help group information and referral.
  • Provide workshops for professionals about self-help.

What is Self-Help?

A self-help group is a group of people with common concerns who have come together to help themselves and each other by sharing information, experiences, and personal solutions. Such groups help participants feel less isolated by providing social support. Group members know that others will understand since they have also experienced or are currently experiencing the same concerns. Self-help groups may also have other purposes such as advocating for increased social services and for changes in the law, or for addressing larger social issues.

What distinguishes self-help from professional assistance?  In self-help groups, leadership and decision-making come from the members. Experiential knowledge is highly valued. Most groups do not charge fees though there may be membership dues or shared costs for space rental, refreshments, etc. Professionals may be helpful to groups in their beginning stages and may provide consultation and resources at other times in the group's development.

Is there a group to meet my needs? There are over 1,400 self-help groups throughout Connecticut that meet a variety of social/health/advocacy concerns. The Network can help individuals to connect with existing groups or to start new groups where needed. Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call the Network at (203) 624-6982.

The Self-Help Directory 2007-2009
A Guide to Connecticut and National Groups

Preview the Directory

  • A GREAT resource for toll-free hotlines;
  • Listing more than 1,400 groups throughout Connecticut;
  • Contact information for other self-help clearinghouses around the world.

The Directory is arranged by alphabetical topics within general categories as listed in the Table of Contents. Each category is cross-referenced to related subjects. For even more Index is at the back of this comprehensive 5"x 8" paperback publication.

Self-help groups are listed by geographic location throughout the state. Can't find a local group, refer to the statewide listing or national listing. Every self-help group listing contains a contact person and telephone number. Many are on the information superhighway with website/email addresses.

Use the Directory as your resource to help find a self-help group in the area of:

Addictions Adoption Bereavement Bigotry
Dependencies Disabilities Domestic Violence Gerontology
Families Health Men's Concerns Mental Health
Parenting Physical/Emotional Abuse Racism Separation/Divorce
Sexuality Teen Issues Unemployment Veteran's Issues

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Connecticut Self-Help Network Membership -Circle of Friends
"Brighten your future with the power of self-help."

Please use the Self-Help Directory Order Form to purchase a membership or to make a donation to the Network:

  • SUPPORTING MEMBER = $32 includes the Directory & Network Membership
  • MEMBER ORGANIZATION = $80 includes 3 Directories & Network Membership

Your donation will help the Network to continue to grow and support others. All donors will be listed in the next Directory.