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Yale Bridgeport GearUp Partnership, The MAAX

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Yale Bridgeport GearUp Partnership, The MAAX Program

Maximizing Adolescent Academic eXcellence (The MAAX) is a culturally relevant, science-based affective program that utilizes a developmental assets approach to support the academic and affective needs of urban adolescents in the middle grades. Through the integration of challenging academics and innovative affective programming this project seeks to improve students school performance by: (a) developing requisite skills for optimal school performance, (b) increasing self-esteem and sense of self-efficacy in mastering academic tasks, (c) improving educational engagement, and (d) heightening educational aspirations.  

The MAAX High School Transition Project

The High School Transition Project (HSTP) builds upon the MAAX program model at the secondary level.  It offers a comprehensive array of academic enrichment and support activities (e.g., classroom based instruction, individual advising sessions, and small group workshops) that are designed to promote optimal school performance, stimulate student interest in higher education, and facilitate supportive mentoring relationships with high school seniors and college students.   

Core Values Corps

The Core Values Corps (CVC) is a comprehensive character education program that is designed to promote recognition of shared community values and mastery of social skills among urban children and youth at primary and secondary school levels.  High school seniors trained in youth development principles lead classroom-based discussions on important values such as respect, trustworthiness, caring, honesty, and responsibility.  Seniors also serve as important role models and mentors to freshman students.