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The Consultation Center
389 Whitney Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511
Phone: (203) 789-7645
Fax: (203) 562-6355

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Jacob K. Tebes, Ph.D. , Executive Director
Joy S. Kaufman, Ph.D., Deputy Director for Operations
Nadia L. Ward, Ph.D., Deputy Director for Public Affairs

Program & Research Directors:
Christian M. Connell, Ph.D., Child Development & Epidemiological Research
Cindy A. Crusto, Ph.D., Program & Service System Evaluation
Donna B. Fedus, M.A., Elder Programs
Derrick M. Gordon, Ph.D., Male Development Research & Program
Joy S. Kaufman, Ph.D., Program & Service System Evaluation
Susan Ottenheimer, LCSW, Adult & Workplace Programs
Deborah Stewart, B.A., Youth Development Training & Resource Center
Tami Sullivan, Ph.D., Family Violence Research & Program
Jacob K. Tebes, Ph.D., Resilience Research
Jacob K. Tebes, Ph.D., & Joy S. Kaufman, Ph.D., Evaluation Research
Nadia L. Ward, Ph.D., Urban Education, Prevention & Policy Research

Gail B. Hammell, Administrator, The Consultation Center, Inc. Programs
Carrie Johnson, Assistant Administrator, Yale & CMHC Programs