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  • Conducting research
  • Developing programs
  • Consulting to schools, community organizations, and governmental agencies
  • Providing training to professionals and to students at the graduate and post-graduate level

Key Programs of The Consultation Center, Inc.:

Adolescent Programs:Provides training and consultation to youth-serving organizations and youth workers.
Included is the Youth Development Training and Resource Center (YDTRC) and other youth development projects in schools and community-based organizations in Greater New Haven and throughout the state.

Adult and Workplace Programs:The Center's Workplace Wellness Program offers comprehensive wellness activities to local corporate, business and private non-profit settings. In addition, Center faculty and staff provide training in a 16-week program that teaches employees coping strategies to deal with stressors at work and home, and also helps them to achieve work-family balance.

Culture and Diversity Training: The Center provides a wide range of training and consultation in diversity and cultural competence to agencies, organizations, and community coalitions as well as at the graduate and post-graduate level.

Elder Programs:Since 1995, the Center has provided grandparents with a range of services including group support, parenting skills training, respite opportunities and legislative advocacy through its Grandparents Raising Grandchildren program.

Evaluation Research:The Center conducts cutting edge research and carries out innovative program evaluations of agency, community-based, and state-wide services.

Family Violence Education:The Center carries out ongoing psychoeducational groups in anger and violence management for male and female first-time domestic violence offenders. Innovative groups also have been developed for offenders with co-occurring substance use problems, for individuals who are monolingual Spanish speaking, and for women and adolescents.

Prevention Training Program:Full-day and half-day trainings held weekly and provided at no charge (approved CECs). The goal of the program is to enhance the capacity of professionals and organizations to deliver effective, high quality prevention programs to identified populations across the lifespan.

Male Development

Program & Service System Evaluation

Stress & Coping

Urban Education

For more than 30 years, the Center has carried out its mission through grant funding, state support, or reduced fees to community partners. Since its inception, the Center has been a collaborative endeavor of the Yale School of Medicine, the Connecticut Mental Health Center and The Consultation Center, Inc. (a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization). The Center draws on multiple perspectives from the disciplines of psychology, social work, public health, psychiatry, education, sociology, management, and administration.